Over the last decade plus Todd Clark the owner of Clark Vintage Lighting has restored and repaired thousands of new, vintage and antique lights. We have the knowledge, skills, tools and parts to do everything from rewiring a table lamp to the refinishing and electrification of large complex antique fixtures.

Clark Vintage Lighting is a high-end antique restoration shop. In order to perform the restoration work we do we stock an extensive collection of antique, vintage and new lamp parts as well as maintain a metal fabrication workshop. These measures allow Clark Vintage Lighting to provide the custom services our customers have come to expect. The pricing guidelines listed below reflect our commitment to providing only the best. 

-First socket $80, non-negotiable

-Each additional socket adds $40

-5 or more sockets $60 per-socket

-Mogul socket add $60

 These prices do not include parts or tax.

 These price guidelines are minimums.

Additional work such as adjusting a drop height or changing the finish will be billed at $80/hour.

 All lights Clark Vintage works on must be completely rewired by Clark Vintage Lighting.

 If you do not feel your lamp justifies this expense, we recommend taking it somewhere else. Many independent hardware stores will rewire lamps.