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The “drop height” of a light fixture is the measurement from the very bottom of the fixture to the ceiling.
You cannot determine the drop height of a fixture without knowing the ceiling height.
Our recommendations are these:
The lowest you can hang a fixture that people will walk under is 6 ½ feet or 78 inches off the floor. 7 feet is better.
Over a table or work surface we recommend brow height of a person standing at the table or counter, about 70” off the floor. This allows the light to be as low as possible while allowing people standing at the table or counter to see each other without the light in the way.
While following the above recommendations, we feel the best way to determine a drop height is for two people to work together. One person stands where the light will be going to hang with a tape measure and a magazine, cardboard box, or any other item that can represent the fixture. This person holds up the object while the other person walks around telling them to move it up and down until a height that looks good and works in the space is found. Then measure from the ceiling to the bottom of your simulated light, this will be your drop height.
A fixture that is hanging on a chain can be shortened on sight by your electrician. If you are ordering a fixture on chain you may want to order it a little too long and finalize the drop height on site.
We normally ship fixtures with extra wire. Don’t cut the extra wire off until you are sure that you have chosen the right drop height. If your light is too short we may be able to send you more chain or a longer pipe. If you have cut the extra wire off you may need to send the fixture back for rewiring.
While we can offer you advise on drop heights we cannot make the decision for you. If you choose the wrong drop height we cannot be held responsible for the expense of adjusting it.