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Clark Vintage Lighting


Patina is the finish that develops naturally over time on the surface of metal or can be applied using a chemical process to give the metal the appearance of age. The patinas we use all produce fine hand rubbed finishes. After the desired patina has been applied, the finish is waxed to provide protection from further aging. We are happy to leave a fixture unwaxed for clients who want the appearance created by further aging.
We offer our clients 8 distinctly different patinas to choose from.
1. Light Patina: lets the brass color show but has more of an aged look than polished brass
2. Medium Patina: is darker than the light patina but still lets some of the warmth of the brass show through
3. Dark Patina: is a very dark brown and hides most of the color of the metal beneath
4. Rubbed Bronze Oil: is a waxed dark patina that has highlights
5. Polished Brass: is polished and waxed. This finish will very slowly darken (if you would like your polished brass lacquered please talk to us about the options).
6. Polished Nickel: is a silvery-white metal with good resistance to corrosion. It is used as a coating for other metals based on its ability to take a bright mirror finish and its resistance to corrosion. We recommend nickel on lights that will be exposed to high humidity particularly those going into a full bath.
7. Brushed Nickel: offers the same resistance to corrosion as polished nickel but without the shine.
8. Antique Nickel: offers great resistance to corrosion but has had a patina applied to the metal to give it an aged look.